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Austin Outburst Addendum

Sporadic Austin thoughts/updates:

  • Finally got a chance to check out Barton Springs this past weekend. Very cool, will definitely be going back. (Note to Gregory Gym Pool: don’t worry, I still love you too!)
  • The aforementioned snowcone shack I love on South Lamar is called Molly’s Original Sno-Cups. You can’t miss the gleaming silver trailer in the P. Terry’s parking lot. While there this weekend for a post-Barton treat we stumbled upon P. Terry’s 3rd anniversary party and got free t’s and yummy burgers to accompany our ‘cones.
  • Tried breakfast tacos at Torchy’s… indeed they’re better than Taco Shack.
  • I need to save up more of my pennies so that I can actually buy stuff at the stores on South Congress and Hey Cupcake!, speaking of silver trailers full of sweet treats.

I leave you with a picture of the taste oasis I’ll be partaking in the rest of the summer. More reason for more Barton Springs and Peter Pan trips! I recommend the somewhat juvenile combination of cotton candy, bubble gum & blue raspberry.

Picture source: 100 Percent Cottam blog


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Silly Quiz

When I met my boyfriend a little over a year ago one of the first things he ever told me was that I was “totally perfect for Austin.” It could have been my weird personality, or my interest in music, and love of Tex-Mex or the outdoors, but I’m not sure exactly what sparked him to say that. Though I had only been to Austin briefly once, my limited experience led me to believe that he was precisely right.

Anyway, I took a “What US city are you?” quiz yesterday, and wouldn’t you know, these were my results:

You are Austin

A little bit country, a little bit rock and roll.You’re totally weird and very proud of it.

Artistic and freaky, you still seem to fit in… in your own strange way.

Famous Austin residents: Lance Armstrong, Sandra Bullock, Andy Roddick

Shoulda taken the darn thing ages ago, yes?

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Austin Lovin’

I’m head over heels… for Austin freakin’, Texas!

I have lived here almost a year and I can’t get over how much I LOVE this place! The weather, the food, the sports, the music, my school, my job, and again, my God, the foooooood. I have eaten Tex-Mex approximately 289 times since I moved here, and this is very likely not an exaggeration.

A short list of what I love about this town:

  • Red River — my favorite street in Austin. Home to lots of fun music venues like Stubb’s and Emo’s. And delicious food like Moonshine, Austin’s best brunch, and Ironworks, probably the best BBQ in town.
  • UT football games — the roaring crowds, the occasional Matthew McConaughey sighting, a real band, sweating to death and screaming at the ‘Horns… What could be a better way to spend a Saturday?
  • Austin City Limits — you already know this
  • Zilker Park Botanical Garden
  • Peter Pan — BYOB mini golf
  • road trips to close-by towns to sample Texas-style BBQ (beef brisket, etc.)
  • that awesome snowcone place beside P. Terry’s on Lamar, just north of intersection with Barton Springs
  • UT’s on-campus oasis, the Gregory Gym Aquatic Complex, for outdoor lap swimming when motivated, and lazy poolside relaxation
  • kayaking on Town Lake
  • movies at Alamo Drafthouse
  • funky and fun coffeehouses like Spiderhouse, JP’s Java, and Mozart’s

And well I wouldn’t even scratch the surface without a full list of my favorite Tex-Mex places thus far, I must stress. I’m always looking to add more to the repertoire:

  • Chuy’s — great queso, delicious food
  • Hula Hut… sister restaurant of Chuy’s but with a patio overlooking Lake Austin. They mix Polynesian and Tex-Mex flavors. I’m partial to their BBQ chicken tacos.
  • Guero’s Taco Bar — yummy South Congress place where you can eat chips and salsa and watch bands play while you wait for your table
  • Torchy’s Tacos — might be my new favorite. Fresh and exciting ingredient combinations… I recommend the Brushfire taco, filled to the brim with Jamaican Jerk chicken, mango, sour cream and a spicy “Diablo” sauce.
  • Freebirds — the Texas chain beats Chipotle at its own burrito game. And the chicken is always wholly cooked! (Though kudos to Chipotle for having intoxicatingly delicious guacamole over and over again.)
  • Taco Shack — my weekend go-to breakfast taco staple… simple, no fuss
  • Trudy’s — this college town favorite has legendarily strong Mexican Martinis and limits you to two per outing
  • The Oasis — panoramic views of Lake Travis and the self-claimed “Sunset Capital of Texas”
  • Iguana Grill — the lesser known Lake Travis treasure that I’d have to say beats The Oasis on the Tex-Mex food and live music, and certainly rivals its sunset allure

I know there are quite a few obvious “can’t miss” places I didn’t mention in Austin, but there are lots more places I need to see! Still haven’t gone to Barton Springs or Greenbelt, but I’ll be working on making it to both places in the coming weeks.

Happy 4th of July! Go out and enjoy the best of wherever you live has to offer!

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Sunshine and Tabula Rasa

Long time no post. Due to my laziness I think I’ll just make lists of tasks I hope to accomplish this summer… and other miscellaneous thoughts.

Goals for this summer:
1. Get advertising internship (check)
2. Take two summer school classes (signed up, much more to do)
3. Learn Illustrator
4. Learn InDesign
5. Learn AP writing style
6. Read more books… and finish them!
7. Write!
8. Less internet, more sleep.
9. Work on ads on my own

1. Road trip to Houston for an Astros game at Minute Maid Park, preferably when the Braves are in town
2. Quality time at Barton Springs
3. Explore more of Austin/Hill Country
4. More BBQ-inspired road trips
5. Swim more, run more, maybe even bike or learn to row?
6. Get tan, relax in the sun
7. East Coast vacay in August: Outer Banks, Virginia Beach, Key West (keep dreaming)… somewhere beachy

Places where I’d like to go, but probably lack the time (these are “nearby” as in within Texas):
1. Big Bend National Park
2. South Padre Island

Restaurants I’d like to try:
1. Roy’s (Hawaiian fusion)
2. Casino el Camino (gigantic burgers)
3. Juan in a Million (breakfast tacos)
4. Z Tejas (upscale Mexican)

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