Ice Cream and Cake and Cake!

Every few months I find myself falling in love with a commercial that the majority of the ad industry (or at least industry press) vehemently hates.  A few months ago I was gaga for the quirky Geico googly-eyed stack of cash commercials while much of the rest of the world expressed intense displeasure. Did I love the concept behind them?  No. Did I think they showed smart and strategic marketing genius? No. But did I love the catchy “Somebody’s Watching Me” tune and find myself getting off the couch to dance along? You betcha.

Knowing this, it should come as no surprise to anyone that the new Baskin Robbins ice cream cake spot is my favorite commercial of the moment:

And what a shock, the critics find it irritating. One even called it “brain-drilling.”  Well it definitely gets me off the couch and dancing, even if it’s just a 15-second spot. But then again, I’m definitely in the it’s “a funny and joyous celebration of ice cream and cake” camp.

Besides, shouldn’t ice cream and cake be fun?  Frankly, I have no interest in ice cream or cake commercials that snub their nose at silliness and humor.

You know who has it exactly right?  Heather McLane at  Glad to hear her reaction to the spot was the exact same as mine:  a dance party with an abrupt stop for a drooling trance.

Besides, the commercial is darn good advertising!  Good thing most of the commercials out there don’t entice me into that “must have now” urgency.

And at $9.99?  I’m a little concerned about my willpower — I live a mere block away from the closest BR.



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3 responses to “Ice Cream and Cake and Cake!

  1. Jackie Adkins

    I just saw this yesterday I think and actually liked how it was pretty hard to miss the commercial, whether you love it or hate it. I felt like it fit the BR brand pretty well, so I don’t see why everyone’s hating!

  2. BR (or their agency) definitely took a page from Subway’s “Five … five dollar … five dollar footlongs” campaign. I kind of appreciate the audacity of the BR ad: sure, there’s no funny lyrics or clever concepts, but it sticks in your mind. Besides, do you really need to know anything but “ice cream and cake”?

    The Baskin Robbins ad also reminds me of the Hillshire Farms “Go Meat!” campaign. That’s my second-favorite TV campaign airing right now, after the Dos Equis “Most Interesting Man in the World” (which I kill to have written).

  3. I see living in the UK means I’m missing out on some great stuff. And suddenly I really really really want to have some ice cream and cake. We don’t have BR here though…

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