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Good News for People Who Love Bad News (or at least watch it)

If you’ve been watching the news lately, then you’re undoubtedly aware of the recent deluge of depressing stories.  The economy is awful, it’s getting worse, and the second Great Depression — and therefore, apocalypse — is upon us.  No one has jobs.  If you don’t have one, you won’t get one.  If you have one, you won’t have one for long.  The Dow is trading under 8,000 points and slipping by the day.  Worst we’ve seen since the ’80s.  Yadda, yadda, yadda, you get the picture.

After thinking for weeks enough is enough, NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams announced that they’re going to implement a new segment every night focused on good news.  Specifically, they’ll dedicate a few minutes of their nightly broadcast to focus on telling the stories of people who commit normal or random acts of kindness.  It’s about time!  I’m tired of getting depressed every time I want to listen to a newscast or read the newspaper.  I enthusiastically support NBC Nightly News’ step in the right direction.

Well done, NBC, well done.  I look forward to being injected with positivity for a change.  And thank you to all of those who emailed Brian Williams and the Nightly News, since you’re the ones hastening change.  Hooray technology, engagement and utilization of our 1st Amendment freedoms of speech and petition!

If you’d like to nominate someone for Nightly News to cover, submit your nomination here.


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Virginia is for free speech haters

Why are we having issues with free speech again? And in Charlottesville again no less!

A friend of mine sent me this. Basically, the Daily Progress, a newspaper in Charlottesville, Va., reported that “Voters at polling places who refuse to remove buttons, T-shirts or other apparel with political messages will face possible misdemeanor charges,” per the Virginia Code.

What sort of charges? Try up to a year in prison or a $2,500 fine! But hey, that’s OK, because at least you still get to vote before they haul you away!

Virginia § 24.2-604 states:

A. During the times the polls are open and ballots are being counted, it shall be unlawful for any person (i) to loiter or congregate within 40 feet of any entrance of any polling place; (ii) within such distance to give, tender, or exhibit any ballot, ticket, or other campaign material to any person or to solicit or in any manner attempt to influence any person in casting his vote; or (iii) to hinder or delay a qualified voter in entering or leaving a polling place.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

D. It shall be unlawful for any authorized representative, voter, or any other person in the room to (i) hinder or delay a qualified voter; (ii) give, tender, or exhibit any ballot, ticket, or other campaign material to any person; (iii) solicit or in any manner attempt to influence any person in casting his vote; (iv) hinder or delay any officer of election; or (v) otherwise impede the orderly conduct of the election.

E. The officers of election may require any person who is found by a majority of the officers present to be in violation of this section to remain outside of the prohibited area. Any person violating subsection A or D of this section shall be guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor.

from http://cvillain.com/2008/10/30/if-you-wear-political-paraphernalia-to-election-day-in-virginia-you-face-misdemeanor-charges/

Needless to say (and rightfully so), the Virginia ACLU and a couple of Charlottesville-area groups are stepping in and voicing their disgust for this blatant infringement of free speech.

Didn’t we just (finally) turn over the sign ban at UVA sporting events? Why is this issue resurfacing again?

And aren’t those eligible to vote (18+) mature enough to not be swayed by someone else’s innocuous campaign button or t-shirt while in line? C’mon now, we aren’t that stupid, are we?

I’m curious to see how many people press the issue at the polls this Tuesday…

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