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More freelance, more fun

As a few of you already know, I recently jumped into the freelance writing realm.  So far I’ve only written a few sports pieces here and there, but I’ve decided to kick it up a notch…

I’m going to expand into design as well!

I just got my domain name, and now it’s time to put my web design skills to work and crank out another site.  I’ve made a logo too, but I keep changing my mind on it.  I haven’t decided the timetable yet for getting the site up and running, but hopefully I’ll have something soon.

What sort of stuff will I venture into?  Anything really.  You name it — restaurant menus, cards, invitations, publications.  Hopefully it will be constantly evolving.

Do I have a name for this entity yet?  I do.  Here’s a hint: it has to do with a fruit.

More details to come!

chiquita-ladyPicture Source: The Brain Police


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Maritime bliss, one half hour at a time

Even though iGoogle themes have been out for months, I really started warming up to mine today.  When Google first unveiled these options I opted for the “Grass” theme.  A nice, default choice, this theme shows a grassy field with a sky that changes throughout the day to mimic the day’s cycle.

A few days ago I decided to change to the “Summer Ocean” theme and I couldn’t be happier.  How could I be?  If my favorite place on Earth is the beach, why not be reminded of it every time I log into Google?

The theme cycles through 12 nautical images, with a new one appearing every 30 minutes.  I know it’s only a simple, colorful addition to the top of my Google page, but every time I look at it I smile and imagine myself laying out on a tropical island far, far away from winter drear.

But then again, it was 75 on this beautiful March day, and tomorrow they’re calling for 82 in the Richmond area.  I believe that’s what we call the perfect beach temperature.  I should tan outside tomorrow, and close my eyes and let the beautiful pictures from the theme transported me to a beachy state of mind, without having to fork over the gas money.













Sigh. I want to go there.

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