Austin Outburst Addendum

Sporadic Austin thoughts/updates:

  • Finally got a chance to check out Barton Springs this past weekend. Very cool, will definitely be going back. (Note to Gregory Gym Pool: don’t worry, I still love you too!)
  • The aforementioned snowcone shack I love on South Lamar is called Molly’s Original Sno-Cups. You can’t miss the gleaming silver trailer in the P. Terry’s parking lot. While there this weekend for a post-Barton treat we stumbled upon P. Terry’s 3rd anniversary party and got free t’s and yummy burgers to accompany our ‘cones.
  • Tried breakfast tacos at Torchy’s… indeed they’re better than Taco Shack.
  • I need to save up more of my pennies so that I can actually buy stuff at the stores on South Congress and Hey Cupcake!, speaking of silver trailers full of sweet treats.

I leave you with a picture of the taste oasis I’ll be partaking in the rest of the summer. More reason for more Barton Springs and Peter Pan trips! I recommend the somewhat juvenile combination of cotton candy, bubble gum & blue raspberry.

Picture source: 100 Percent Cottam blog


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