Tastes of summer

Summer’s here… or at least in some parts of the country.  It’s time to hit the beach, grab your longboard, suntan lotion, towel and flip flops.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but as someone who drinks maybe two or three sodas a month, it’s also time for more soda consumption.

Well this year you can pack your cooler with your usual suspects: Orange Crush, Fresca, Dr. Pepper, Cheerwine (O.K., maybe that last one’s just me and other enthusiasts from the Tar Heel State), or you can pack a few Cokes and really get into the summer spirit.

But how’s Coke any more summery than the next soda?

Coming on the heels of Tropicana’s recent packaging redesign fiasco, Coca-Cola decided to try its own (brief) repackaging effort just in time for the sunny season.  The brand has unveiled five limited edition beachy designs:  sunglasses, surfboards, grill, American flag and beach ball.  Here’s the collection:

summer coke cansPicture source:  The Dieline

And a closeup of my favorite can:

sunglasses coke canSource:  The Dieline

So how does Coke’s redesign fare compared to the infamous Tropicana one?  Pretty well in my opinion.  The iconic Coca-Cola script font and signature red color are intact, so there should be no brand confusion.  The new Coke (no pun intended) cans should be easily recognized on store shelves.  Simple and visually stimulating, the designs are clean, with uncomplicated lines and forms.  I feel transported to summer just looking at the sunglasses and beach ball.  And despite being a nice change of pace, the cans aren’t an unrealistic departure from Coke’s default design.

The cans should be on shelves by Memorial Day weekend.  They will have a staggered release with a new design hitting shelves every few weeks, continuing through Labor Day.

What do you think of the cans?  Which is your favorite?



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4 responses to “Tastes of summer

  1. I’m not sure how I feel about these…I’m still holding a grudge against Coke for coming out with their “Olympics” coke cans with “Coke” written in every language…except Chinese! 🙂

  2. Nicole

    I didn’t know about the tropicana controversy, but they have both in the deli by my office. When I was picking which one, I went with the old one (not knowing it was the old one, or that I was probably buying older juice).

  3. Michelle

    The barbeque, fo sho.

  4. daniellestewart

    Those are cute, I like them! I love the surfboards and grill. I think it’s a good idea. Like you said, the basics (red color, script font) are there, it’s just a fun summer twist.

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