Happy Easter!

Everyone has a favorite holiday.  For some it’s Christmas.  For others it’s New Year’s, Halloween or St. Patrick’s Day.  Some enjoy their birthdays most.  For crazy ol’ me, my favorite is actually the 4th of July.

Easter, though loved internationally, doesn’t really get a lot of respect.  It’s not on the same date every year (let alone month) and not everyone is Christian.  But even still, I think we can all agree on the excellence of the sweets associated with the holiday.

For whatever reason back in the day, Easter was deemed the holiday of pastel candy.  I’m not exactly sure how Jesus’ resurrection and pastel candy in baskets with fake plastic grass go hand in hand, but I’m down.  I’m all for a holiday where people dunk hard-boiled eggs in a colorful vinegar concoction and then later search for them in their yard.  I’m also for feasting on Reese’s cups shaped like eggs, giant chocolate bunnies (hollow chocolate bunnies if your parents don’t, ahem, the Easter bunny doesn’t, like you), SweetTarts shaped like bunnies, chicks and ducks, pastel-colored M&Ms and of course, sugar dusted marshmallow chicks and bunnies.

Mmmmm, Peeps.  The tasty mystery dessert best enjoyed stale.

As it turns out, Peeps aren’t just fun for eating.  In fact in Washington, D.C. the whimsical treats are an excuse for good old-fashioned creativity and silliness.  How old fashioned?  Think fourth grade.  Think arts and crafts.  Think dioramas.

That’s exactly how The Washington Post views Peeps.  In 2007 the paper had its first “Peeps Show” diorama contest.  The contest was an instant hit and won the hearts of locals and faraway readers alike.  Now it’s a yearly tradition, and this weekend the winner and finalists from Peeps Show III were announced.  (And if you can’t get enough, be sure to check out the finalists from last year’s Peeps Show II as well.)

This year’s winner:  “NightPeeps,” a take on the Edward Hopper’s 1942 “Nighthawks” painting.  The winning artist, graphic designer Melissa Harvey of Arlington, Va., spent 45 hours on the project.  She took the top prize amongst the 1,100 dioramas submitted for this year’s competition.


Here are a few of my other favorites from this year’s contest:

“Double Peep Strike”

“Mrs. Peepcock, in the Conservatory, with the Revolver”


“Chinese Olympeep Women Gymnasts Win the Gold”


“A Very Peeps Passover”


“Steve Jobs Presents iPeep Nano”

And not one of my favorites, but I’ll end with this one because everyone loves “As Seen on TV” products and this one prominently features everyone’s favorite, the Snuggie:

“As Seen on Peep TV”


I spent much of today daydreaming about possibilities for next year’s diorama contest.  Will I be crowned Peeps Show IV Queen?  Doubtful, but you never know.  Either way, can’t wait to see what next year’s Easter crop brings.

All images courtesy of WashingtonPost.com.


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  1. Nycole

    Thanks! My boyfriend and I created A Very PEEPS Passover. We apapreciate your Peeplove.

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