Logo subtleties

It’s amazing how you can see the same logo over and over again and somehow miss a detail.  For instance, a year or so ago, someone pointed out to me that there is an arrow within the FedEx logo.  I couldn’t believe I never noticed it before:


Still don’t see it?  Look again.


Today while reading TheDieline I noticed something else that I’ve overlooked for so many years.  Did you ever notice that the Heinz logo has a Keystone design in it?  Pennsylvania is the Keystone state and the Keystone symbol has been incorporated into all sorts of Pennsylvania related logos.  The new Heinz Ketchup packaging design retains the subtle Keystone border on the label while giving the product a slight but not overpowering update. (In case you didn’t know, Heinz is headquartered in Pittsburgh.)heinz-ketchup1Other uses of the Keystone symbol:




This leads me to wonder, what other products out there make subtle nods to their geographic roots by using such simple and easily overlooked symbols?



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4 responses to “Logo subtleties

  1. bone

    The Big Ten logo has an “11” in it.

  2. Not geographic, but the Goodwill logo has a secret dual identity: lowercase “g” and half smiley face.

  3. Oops, that should include this:

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