Leaving Music Journalism to the Experts

Saturday night I had the good fortune to catch Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys kick off his new tour at the 9:30 Club in DC. It was a fantastic show indeed. Auerbach teamed up with Hacienda, a pretty talented band out of San Antonio (also one of the opening acts) for a lively concert. The show even featured Patrick Hallahan of My Morning Jacket on percussion.

I wish music journalism was more my forte, but every attempt leads to lame comments like “they sounded awesome” and “loved their use of [instrument].” As much as I love listening to music and going to shows, I’m pretty inadequate at expressing my thoughts on it.  My apologies for my ineptitude and lousy music descriptions.

Regardless, if you have the chance to catch Dan Auerbach (or Hacienda) on tour, I definitely recommend checking it out. According to his MySpace page, he’ll be on tour in the U.S. for most of March.  And if you’ve somehow snagged tickets to SXSW in Austin, he’s performing March 18, 20 and 21.


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