Happy December

Hi to the five people who read this! Sorry for my lack of updates lately. Things are a whirlwind with finishing up school, yadda yadda. Saturday I graduated, so now I guess I’m a Texas Ex!

OK, so maybe not quite. I still have two classes that haven’t finished. Thursday @ 8 am all of our ads for the semester are due for critique. Two or so creative advertising bigwigs will come in and crush our souls and tell us we aren’t good enough for the ad biz. Won’t be anything I haven’t heard before. I’m just looking forward to being done.

Friday I have my final sports journalism project due. We have to write three articles: a 1000 word main story, a 600 word sidebar and a 600 word column about topics related to Central Texas, Austin or UT sports. My main story will cover the history of UT athletics from 1970 to present. In my sidebar, I’ll write about women’s athletics director Chris Plonsky and how UT athletics are able to thrive with a two-AD system. (Piece of trivia for you: only two D1 schools do this: Texas and Tennessee). In my column I’ll argue what’s ethical and what’s not in collegiate sports marketing. My opinion may surprise you!

Anyway, I got to interview both Plonsky and men’s AD DeLoss Dodds. Both were absolute class acts and a joy to talk to. I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed all that I’ve learned in this class, not only about sports, but about careers and writing as well.

Anyway, Dodds actually wanted to get to know me first before we even got to the interview. Asked all about where I’m from, why Texas, all that good stuff. At the end of the interview he gave me a copy of this, saying “I figure you’d appreciate this anyway, but especially as a history major and fan of 20th century history.” Wow. No really, wow.

OK, but really, I have a whole lot of work I need to get back to. Legit post coming soon. And I get my life back in only a few more days! Til then, enjoy your Christmas Pandora station and watch some Christmas Vacation, Home Alone, and/or Rudolph for me!


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  1. Grober

    Yea! Good luck with your stories – I’m in the lab, so come say hi. Also, I have A Christmas Story ready to be played on the projector. Wall-E is on now. Woo! Yay critique!

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