Lights out on NBC in Austin

So at midnight last night (this morning?) KXAN, Austin’s NBC affiliate turned off its airwaves to Time Warner cable subscribers. KXAN and Time Warner are in an apparent disagreement about subscribers fees, and were unable to reach an agreement before KXAN pulled the plug.

Who wins when this happens? Definitely not Time Warner cable subscribers. DirecTV certainly benefits from the situation. It’s been putting out ads trying to get NBC fans of Heroes, The Office, and 30 Rock to switch to their service, which still carries the network.

If I weren’t leaving Austin in three months I’d certainly consider the switch. As mentioned earlier, new Friday Night Lights episodes will only be available to DirecTV subscribers until February 2009.

If that weren’t bad enough, the rumor has it that the CW Austin has been threatening to drop from Time Warner cable as well. Which would mean no Gossip Girl. What does that actually leave me with? Mad Men (AMC), no My Boys (TBS) since it’s only a summer show, and ESPN and Food Network. Yeah, so basically my only show I’d have left is Mad Men. And How I Met Your Mother, which I keep stupidly forgetting to DVR.

I passionately hope that the CW split is just a rumor, though I’m 90% sure I saw a commercial the other day warning viewers that cable may longer carry the CW later in October. I’m not completely certain on that though. Let’s hope I heard and remember wrong!

Fear not though about all the NBC shows besides Friday Night Lights… they’re all available for free on Hulu. The newest Office episode‘s up already if you missed it last week. So glad it’s back!


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One response to “Lights out on NBC in Austin

  1. Whitney

    If they take the CW off the air on TWC, I am switching. This is so ridiculous! Like what can they not agree on!?!? Every other city in the state of TX has an agreement – why not in Austin? WTF!!!!

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